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oh boy oh boy...
Izzie wha?
Yup. We officially have a new dog. I was allowed to pick up Buck/Buckey from the vet yesterday evening. He finally started eating something on Tuesday night...even if it was just baby food (Chicken & Chicken broth flavored only). He only eats a little at a time, but we've managed to transition him to just wet dog food now, and he's kinda trying little bits of Molly's dry food.

He's definitely a different dog from the pathetic little guy we saw last friday. He's got more personality, although he is still shy and unsure about a lot. Apparently our hardwood floors are terrifying and any transition onto those floors tends to take a while. And even then he sticks close to the wall when walking on them. I don't know if he's afraid of slipping on the floor or what.

He was really good last night. I fixed up Molly's old kennel and used another old saddle pad of mine for the bed, which he liked a lot. He climbed right into the kennel and slept through the night, and I never heard a peep out of him. He's had 3 mini accidents in the house. I think he's been trying to mark territory in my bedroom. And then he actually peed in our living room this morning. But for a new puppy, that's not bad. I've been employing my grandfather's method of take-them-out-every-30-minutes. He pees every single time. He still has diarrhea, but that's a work in progress. plus he still hasn't really eaten much solid food.

Molly is kinda pissed at me about him. I thought she would like having him around...but she's jealous. He wants to play with her and follow her around and she just ignores him. I think she'll snap out of it, but she's been pretty much an only child for a while (Charlie stays in another part of the house, so he doesn't really count) it's going to take a bit of a transition. She likes to play with other dogs at their house or at the park. But on her territory? It's got her a quite pouty.

...make that 3 times he's peed in my bedroom. I thought we were getting close to his 30 minute window.

I think this dog will be good for my dad. I'm helping to train him, but he's essentially going to be his dog. It should be a good distraction for him, along with starting on getting the new house built.

Once he recuperates from his illness though, this dog is getting neutered. He's displaying a bit of a humping issue already. He stops pretty quick when I catch him at it...but yeah. it's there.

Anyway, I'm pretty beat and ready for bed. Here's hoping for another quiet night.

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I predict that Molly will soon make her authority known, at which point playing will begin ;) At least I hope!

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