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The past is no further away than the last breath you take

Oh. My. God.
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Guys, my geek brain just exploded.

First, there was the news that Joss Whedon was going to direct an episode of Glee.

And just now, I was watching the preview for next week's Halloween episode of Castle. And Nathan Fillion's character is dressed up as...wait for it...

Mal Reynolds

I SHIT YOU NOT. I have my Tivo paused right now with a shot of him with gun out, brown coat whipping around and the suspenders and The Tightpants.

So. Damn Happy. Right. Now.

and now I get to go ride again. This is a Good Day :)

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Ahhhh muscle soreness has never been so rewarding.

I finally got to ride again after almost a year and a half. I rode one of the therapy horses, Marlee this morning. M showed me how she wanted things done with lunging and side reins. She had one regular english saddle (she rides dressage). And told me about his problem areas.

I hopped on after she rode him around a bit and he was really well behaved. He's very soft, doesn't require much leg or rein at all. I hate getting in the horse's face anyway (I R Hunter, yo) so I just tried to get him to relax and drop his head. Heh, right when I started riding M told me "Oh yeah, you're definitely a hunter" based on my seat and position riding :)

His problem areas mainly lie with cantering. M is older so she doesn't really push him too much. She was telling me she just got him to go 2 trips around the arena without breaking into a trot (and its a small arena). M likes to emphasize using voice commands before leg cues, mainly because its so helpful when on the ground during a therapy session. So that was a bit of difference, and Marlee decided that extended trot was better than the canter, so I got bounced around a bit. After a couple of tries, M got after him with the lunge whip and we finally got it. I got a couple rounds, and once he tried to break and kicked him. Marlee gave me a good buck in return. Hee! So much fun :)

(Yeah. it's been so long I had fun riding the buck)

The second direction, which was supposedly his worse side, was muuuch easier. M asked me if I wanted her to use the lunge whip right away. I said to hold off, since he might have the idea what I was trying to do now. No problems, he picked it up after only a few strides. I got him around 3 times without breaking.

Marlee just needs canter mileage. He doesn't have a whole lot of steering at the canter right now, and he likes to pop that shoulder out and drag me to the railing. I quit after that, to end on a good note and because he still had a couple of hours worth of therapy lessons later in the day.

M told me there were several days during the week that I can come out and ride. And she'd really like to do some trail rides with me once things decide to dry out. She also offered to give me some lessons in dressage if I want. She thinks that riding with a dressage seat would be better for my lower back issues, just because you tuck your butt under more and everything is more aligned (with hunters we keep more of a concave arch in our backs at all times). I'm going to wait until I get a little more used to Marlee before I try taking some dressage lessons. I still want to get back into hunters...but at the moment getting back into jumping isn't going to happen for a while.

So I'm very excited :) I get to do some riding again! So I welcome the soreness I'll have in the morning

Awwww Cas
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"This isn't funny, Dean! The voice says I'm almost out of minutes!"


Rain rain go away...
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Hooo drama-drama today.

I went out to the therapy barn today (they needed the help, and they didn't need me Thursday). The morning did not start out well. I left super early so I had time to go by and get some coffee. I go inside to order (had to check the breakfast choices at Starbucks) and after placing my order I wait around. There are only 3 other people inside (who then had ZOMG YOU HAVE NO REAL MUGS? drama). So I wait at a table for my coffee. And wait. And wait. And then they fixed the drinks for the drive-thru people. Then more came inside and THEY got their orders. The barista then got a death glare from me. "Oh, have you not gotten your drink?" "NO". I was then given an upgrade in my drink size and a coupon for a free drink since they forgot about me.

Because of this issue, I was now not running early enough to park my car and enjoy my coffee & muffin before hitting the barn. Piss. The route my GPS gave me to the barn was much faster (not as much Pleasant Hill traffic light congestion) although one of the roads was closed due to the flooding. So glad I had the GPS or I would've been screwed.

I get to the barn and I can tell something is wrong, the owner of the barn is absolutely in tears. One of the Therapy horses colicked last night and had to be taken to UGA for colic surgery. They had just brought the horses back to the barn, because they had to be evacuated due to flooding. M felt terrible and was just out of sorts, wondering if there was anyway she could have prevented the colic or if she just missed out on something. I told her it just happens some time, it may have been moving back and forth during the flooding just stressed him out. While we were working with the first girl the vet school called back and he made it through surgery, but they were still being cautious.

M was worried because the vets were telling her all these things that were going wrong, so she didn't know how bad this might be. It was a twist in the small intestine and they had to cut out about 4 feet of damaged tissue. The horse, Oreo, is only about 7 I think, so hopefully he'll be okay. I told M she was okay for the most part on feeding, although she might want to water down his hay, since I've known several post-colic surgery horses do this just as a precaution. At one point M just asked me, "So, what do you think the chances are of his being okay". I told her I honestly don't know, but she took him to one of the best colic vet schools in the country, so she gave him the best chance possible by taking him there. She didn't realize he'd be out for a few months, however. If I remember right, its 2-3 months. Even if all their riding is extremely light.

I was cleaning out my closet this week and brought M a whole box of old horse show ribbons to give to the kids. It became a prize at the end of the lesson for doing one of the exercise well. The kids loved them, I'm glad they're getting a second use, because other wise I would have just tossed them.

The first little girl was fairly uneventful. She was super cute and definitely did "Hands and Knees" (basically kneeling on the horses back. All the kids hate doing it) the best out of all the kids I've seen do it. She got a pink ribbon for doing and she got such a smile on her face with that.

They only had 2 kids in, so we had about an hour break between kids. I cleaned some stalls and got a lesson in how to lead the horses when there was a kid riding. Mainly you have to keep everything as smooth as possible, and stay right at the horses head. Marley, the horse I was leading, really likes to suck back and try to stop, so that's something I'll have to keep an eye on and try to keep from happening.

The second boy that rode today was definitely a pistol. M had warned me he could be handsy, and noted it was good I wasn't wearing any jewelry. Right off the bat he was trying to knock off M's hat during the lesson. And grabbing onto my pony tail. We spent a good part of the lesson with him getting to blow bubbles (not really sure the purpose of this) while sitting backwards in the saddle. But his posture definitely did improve.

A little later in the lesson things started to get interesting.

It started out with him pointing at me and then reaching out and patting my boob. He then started talking about how the three of us had "ping-pings". Yeaaaaaaaaah, it's what you're thinking. The woman leading the horse looked confused and asked what ping-pings were. M said "I don't think we want to know". A few minutes later P caught onto what he was talking about. Especially when the boy started asking M to lift her shirt and show him her ping pings.

He ended up having to do the hands-and-knees exercises every time he talked about ping-pings or tried to grab one of us after that. That calmed him down. For the record, he was probably between 8 and 10 years old.

That lesson ended and I helped pick everything up. I agreed to come out on Thursday and Saturday since they need the help. We also talked about me coming out and riding some of the horses. Marley, probably, but I might work Bruiser too (who P owns and lets them use for therapy). M is going to wait until things settle down at the barn for to schedule some riding times, which I told her was fine. She's going to instruct me some the first couple of times to make sure I'm riding them the way she wants (she rides dressage, so that's a good idea). Riding Bruiser is going to depend on what P's trainer thinks. They want to get him to a show at some point, so if the trainer believes that will help, i'll probably pay for a lesson with her while riding Bruiser to make sure I'm doing things correctly.

So yay! I might be getting back on a horse again! Uh, downside. I have no riding gear. It's all rather inaccessible in my trailer o'crap. No helmet, no half-chaps. The boots I'm using right now were some my mom had, but they're a little too small. I can deal with those, but I might have to go out and get some cheapo half chaps at horsetown or something.

what did I eat last certainly wasn't transformer-lobster.
Going Mad - Firefly
Whoa. Weird ass dream that I actually remember, so I'm gonna write it down.

I was back in Europe (a common theme in my dreams now) and I was with my tour group in Greece. Except there was one extra person, a little girl. Who if we didn't play with her she murdered/tortured us. Along with her transformer-like lobster. You had to put happy faces on around her because she might turn at any moment, and the lobster would spy and rat anyone out who talked about rebelling/escaping. Because we were trapped in the hotel in Greece with her. I finally got ahold of a knife and stabbed the shit out of the lobster-thing, crushing each of the segments in its back. But when I thought I was done, it grew back together!! So I did it again,and I don't remember what I did that time, but it stayed dead (along with its own little transformer bug cohort). And since in my dreams I'm apparently a master chef (wha?) I filleted that sucker, who I guess transformed again, because I had perfect lines of salmon filets when I was done. Psycho-girl came down for breakfast, and I offered the freshly killed "fish" to. She exclaimed how much she liked fish and tore in, and everyone else was hip to the jive and kinda started backing away from me and her. I don't remember what happened after that, but the girl wasn't around anymore. I got upgraded to another hotel (sorry tour mates, and randomly my family) and then I woke up when I heard a bunch of my knitting needles falling on the floor and I panicked that they fell out of my current project

*gasping for air* geez. I'm going to blame at least the little girl part of that dream on Supernatural. She was very Lilith-like (when she was actually the creepy girl and not a ...well, whore).

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Watching Glee right now. I love this show.

Terri(?) is such a bitch. I can't wait for eventual downfall. Of course she lies about the baby. There is no way the deception could last long. Not when you are married to the person. Also, wouldn't it be a little early to know the sex of the baby anyway? She's just crazy.

The Golddigger segment was fantastic, especially the flashes back to Terri. There are so many little things I love about this show. Like all the fliers in the counselor's office "Radon: The Silent Killer" "So You Like to Throw Up".

"Lady Justice wept today" ohhh, Jane Lynch just wins this.

[Will]: Honey, I've got some bad news
[Terri]: A wealthy relative died?!
[Will]: Uh, no

"Now remember, if the balloon pops, an angel cries"

I desperately need a Glee icon, because this show is made of so much win. Now i need to go buy the new songs on iTunes...

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Things might be finally falling into place, you guys. I'll update once I get a bit more information (I've got some meetings with people next week) so I'm not going to say much so I don't totally jinx myself.

I'm getting excited :)

2 weeks later...
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Okay. I finally finished watching all of Supernatural. Here are my general thoughts about each season thus far

Carry on my wayward sonCollapse )

Ahhh bitterness.
Heeee! - Doctor Who
Best. Lyrics. Ever.

Got a call from my ex today
telling me she got engaged.
She only told me to hurt me,
cause that's how she was
and she still hasn't changed.
She said "Tell me that you're happy for me,
you know I'd be happy for you!"

If "happy for you" means "I hate you",
then I'm happy for you.
If crying all night means
I'm out getting drunk,
then I'm crying too.
I know you're only calling to make you feel good,
to see if I'm blue.
So if happy for you means I hate you
then I'm happy for you

I ran into a guy the other day
I never really liked him anyway.
And he wouldn't shut up
about all the things he had,
I was counting the seconds 'til he went away.
He said "Buddy, aren't you happy for me?
You know I'd be happy for you!"

If "happy for you" means "I hate you",
then I'm happy for you.
If "jealous of you" meant "out getting laid"
then I'm jealous too.
I know you're only talking to make you feel good
To see if I'm feeling blue

Does anybody think that somebody else
wants to hear them talking about themselves.
It's hard enough to getting by each day.
I know you want to hear it,
but you'll hear it my way

If "happy for you means" means "I hate you"
then I'm happy for you
If "crying all night" means
"I'm out getting drunk",
then I'd be crying too
I know you're talking to make you feel good,
and to see if I'm feeling blue
So if "happy for you" means "I hate you",
then I'm happy for you

"Sam, who do you think is the hotter psychic: Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or you?"
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I've picked up another TV series to watch. And watching it has led me to an important discovery:

Viewing episodes of Supernatural at night, when you are the only one in the house is not the smartest of ideas. I've had some funky dreams and general late night-quiet twitchiness.


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