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Rogue Reading - X-Men
Apparently I got the flu. Whether its H1N1 or just the regular ol' flu, I have no clue. I'd had a sore throat since last Wednesday and had just a general "blah" feeling for most of the week, but nothing I would consider OMGZ Sick!

That is, until yesterday. I woke up feeling like ass. Congested, throat worse than before, chills, dizziness, achy, the whole shebang. I ended up spending most of the day sleeping, since I haven't had a full nights sleep since we brought Buck home (he STILL cries non-stop in his crate at night). I had a low grade fever (~99.0) that morning, but by the evening it had shot up to 101. I felt terrible. I decided to let Buck sleep in my room rather than in the kennel because I just couldn't handle his whining all night long again.

But that didn't really matter, it seems, because I couldn't stay asleep anyway. I woke up around 2:30 and had, what I'm going to call, restless arm syndrome. Just like restless leg, except my arm had that tingly "i've got to move!" feeling that resulted in me tossing and turning in bed the entire night.

When I woke up this morning around 6:30 my fever had broken, and while my throat still hurts and i'm still stuffed up, I'm feeling a lot more human. I dunno if I should still go to the doctor today or not. I'm hoping that was the worst of it and things will just continue to improve.

I do need to go out and get some more food and toys for the dogs. Molly and Buck have finally started playing, YAY! I was able to initiated a tug-o-war session with them, and that kind of broke the ice. They now play all the time, and Buck has learned how to instigate play from Molly.

Buck has turned out to be quite the escape artist. We usually keep our older dog, Charlie, blocked off from the rest of the house (he can go into the garage or upstairs to our bonus room, since he likes to pee on the hardwood floors and in my bedroom, especially. So we had some baby gates that we leaned together to keep him blocked off. Buck, however, has no fear of gates, and would just squeeze his way between them and roam the house. Now, this is a problem, because we would typically keep the garage door open to let charlie go outside and pee whenever he wants to, and that means buck could get loose outside. So I bought a new gate online, that was long enough to block that entire entry way, and I thought the problem solved.

Nope. Buck learned how to move that gate so he would have a gap to squeeze through. Dang dog. He's pretty smart, he just has no common sense whatsoever. I can finally take him out on walks around the neighborhood or to the dog park now, since he should be done shedding the parvovirus. He'll get his first round of puppy shots this week. And then in 3 weeks we will be able to take him in to have him neutered. Which will hopefully cut down on all the humping he seems to enjoy so much.

Ugh, well, i'm going to go lie down some more. Maybe watch some Fringe. Later y'all.


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