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His papers at the vet say "pup pup"
Rogue Reading - X-Men

So, Friday my dad calls me, asking if we have dog shampoo "uhhh, Yesss" "well get the tub ready I'm bringing a dog home"

He found what appears to be a golden retriever (mix?) puppy in the woods behind his work. It was very weak, wouldn't eat and just looked dead on his feet. So he brought the dog home and we gave him a bath. The pup was very very skinny and we took him to the vet soon after

The vet said he had symptoms of parvo, but his tests came back negative. He was dehydrated, had diarrhea and was nauseous (all parvo symptoms) so he's staying at the vets till probably Tuesday. The vets give me updates on him they're giving him IV fluids to help keep him hydrated. He's got a little more energy, but still not eating yet (which is apparently typical for dogs coming back from parvo)

So what happens after? Well, at first my dad was going to have his gf find a home for the pup, but now...well let's just say he's named the dog (Buck) so as my sister put it "You named him, he's yours". Of course, my dad had me put down the dogs name down as PupPup at the vet. Which makes conversations with the vet slightly embarrassing when the vet calls to give me updates on "PupPup". My dad says he's waiting to find out if PupPup Buck gets along with Molly, but considering she gets along with everyone I think we've got a new dog.

Let the training games begin :)

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He is precious. c: I hope you get him healthy and trained up smoothly!

I read about his crying troubles in the community, so let's hope that stops too. :/ Poor little guy...

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