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Rogue Reading - X-Men
Ya know, I'm trying to read Sense and Sensibility right now...and while I like it so far, i have a tendency to fall asleep easily while reading.

"Oh geez, what's going on with Willoughby? That's really wei--zzzzz"

I'll probably finish it on the plane ride to Houston...unless I spend the entire time talking to my Aunt, which is entirely possible.

My hair has been frustrating me a bit lately...mainly because I've learned to expect more from it. I've become addicted to the website and started using their "CG" (CurlyGirl) method, which includes cutting out most shampoos, to become a product label reading freak and not buy anything that has an ingredient that ends in "-cone" or "xane", use conditioner to wash my hair, and basically try out lots of different hair styling products to figure out what my hair "likes". Because curly hair is fickle bitch, y'all.

I had read about this whole thing a year or two ago, but never tried it because I was practically living at the barn and the idea of not shampooing when I had been up to my elbows in horse poop, urine, and/or cecal contents just didn't jive well with me. However, now that I'm not at the barn much anymore, I decided to give it a go. Not to mention, all summer my hair just seemed to give up on life. It didn't want to curl, but as usual, was too frizzy to do much of anything else. So in September, I took the plunge and have been going CG ever since.

It took a little while for my hair to improve, but it slowly but surely started coming back to life. It hasn't all been pretty though. I've had some horrid hair days, especially when I find something that doesn't work and just frizzes everything out, or becomes gunky and I feel like I have gum paste in my hair all day. Yesterday i had one of those days...even though i used a combination that I had been using to great results...the unusually dry weather made things go very badly. even though it looked okay, it felt gross and then my dad touched it and started ragging me on it..which did not make me feel much better. The weather just needs to stay kinda humid. Humid I know how to deal with (honey is my best friend in that weather. Trust me, it does wonders on frizz). But dry weather? I just don't know how to handle it, and it doesn't occur enough here for me to even figure out how to get my hair not to be stupid in that weather.

I am starting to think about letting my hair grow out some much as I like the quick drying time with the short hair. I definitely want to go more brunette next time I get my hair done. I was looking up CG stylists in my area, and there's one in atlanta that looks promising. I've been going to the same woman since I was in middle school...but she doesn't always listen to me, and when I went in the last time I guess I wasn't specific enough when I said I wanted to go "darker" she just thought I meant darker blonde highlights. So maybe I need to start out with someone new.

Wow, that was random rambling, let's leave this cut space

Alright, back to the outside world. That kinda tired me out..guess I'll try to read S&S some more and fall asleep quickly...yeah. i'm exciting.

Oh my god, you are such a girl, talking about your hair.

I know! How dare I, it's going to ruin my image as a tom boyish character. Next time, i'm going to talk about DRESSES and FLUFFY KITTENS!

Well kitties are cute, so that's quite all right.

love the blog, would like to get in touch